What are main features of Urban Ego?

This is a young and dynamic company, characterized by the continuous search for innovative products in urban areas, for which has a team of engineers specialized in industrial design, the head of which is Ivan Villa Rayo.

What´s the difference between Urban Ego and the others competitions?

Mainly the flexibility now to buy designer furniture at affordable price should go to large multinationals, which you find some unique furnishings. However, in Urban Ego can offer designer furnishings at competitive prices.

What does materials are using in Urban Ego?

Today the advance of possibilities is very extensive, however urban ego specializes in working with stainless steel and high quality tropical timber. We understand that the raw material is first step to getting excellent products, which is why we only work with the best raw material market.

How long is the range of products offered by Urban Ego?

Urban Ego now has three lines of furniture themselves, beaches, fountains and bicycle parking, however we have a network of suppliers that provide us with market leading brands, giving us technical advice in each case.

What is the future of Urban Ego?

Our future is to grow as a brand of furniture up crating a hole in this complex world, we provide two added values to our products such as design and innovations.

In the medium term, our future is to internationalize the company, creating customers first through southern Europe and South America.

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