Since its inception URBAN EGO devotes special attention to quality Viewed from all points of view: ISO 9001-2000 management system, quality materials, order management, customer service and after-sales service ...

To achieve this ambitious project we have formed a production young team and totally committed to our mission: To manufacture high quality product.

Our facilities have the necessary infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers in a short period of time.

As for the quality of our production process, we must emphasize our inventory planning that allows us to get at the desired time the product required by the client.

The culture of the quality of our company invested at an early stage by staff training. We have an ongoing annual training in which all operators are being recycled with specific training courses.

We have implemented a quality control at the end of the production chain that ensures the excellence of our product who joined an efficient after sales service ensures total customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy of Total Quality does not develop only to the product but also to satisfy the customer: sales services, quality products and after sales services .. URBAN EGO in the concept of quality is defined by what the customer wants and expects.

URBAN EGO is certified ISO 9001-2000 by EQA (No. 4610)
The present of our company is based on the continuous adaptation to new technologies and new trends, combined with the daily effort and absolute dedication to our customers because we understand that your satisfaction should be our main objective

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